30st July to 6th de August de 2017


CRISOL DE CUERDA is a gathering, a camp, where creativity, knowledge and freedom converge. It is a space and a time for music lovers that are interested in both tradition and innovation, for those who search for new inspirations and those who are ready for a new experience, surprising and enriching and unforgettable.

By the Arlanzon river, in a village of the same name and just 20 min away from Burgos city, fiddlers and other musicians of all ages and all musical levels will meet to share, learn and let their creativity run free. There will be violins (fiddles), cellos (big fiddles), guitars, singers, flutes, and others, LEARN IT HERE!.

Masters on these instruments will offer you guidance in this journey, with an approach to music that is both practical and fun. And all this into a natural environment, that enables us to join Nature and music and dance in a powerful synergy, adding priceless value to Crisol de Cuerda, a unique educational project that is welcoming and safe.

We are lucky to have Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas with us, and many more masters. CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

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