Is one of the great masters of Scottish folk music. Born in Clackmannan, he discovered the fiddle at age 8, and it has accompanied him ever since. In 1973 he won the “National Mod” fiddle competition, and after graduating from university with a degree in physics he decided in 1985 to dedicate his life to music.

He is an exquisite performer, both dynamic and delicate, who has inspired millions of fiddlers around the world with his albums, performances and, for more than 20 years, his fiddle camps in Scotland and California. Now also in Spain.

His film credits include solo performances on the soundtracks of several major films, including Titanic, Last of the Mohicans, Wyatt Earp and The Spitfire Grill.

He formed the band Skyedance, whose very special latest album, “Live in Spain”, featured collaborations with some of the most important musicians from the Iberian Peninsula. Recently, apart from working with his friend and composer Paul Machlis, he has published four delicate and brilliant albums (“Fire and Grace” , “In the Moment”, “Highlander’s Farewell” and “Abundance”) with Natalie Haas. Both are a clear example of his free spirit, musical path and of the perfect duo they form together.


Francesc Tomàs “Panxito”

Born in the early 1960s in Ciudad de México, he is the grandson of exiled political refugees.
He grew up commuting between Colonia Condesa, near Roma (Mexico) and Colonia Catalana. After a few years, he abandoned his formal studies on Piano, classical Guitar and ethnomusicology to immerse himself in the fandangos of Sotavento, the topadas of huapango serrano and the depths of the huasteco violin. In the early 1980s he emigrated back to Catalonia. Spent almost a decade in Barcelona trying to find his place and 25 more years in a small village near Girona, where his children were born. There he keeps working and building ties of family, community, culture and freedom.


Lena Jonsson

Renowned for her work in the Swedish folk scene, Lena Jonsson has spent over 15 years performing in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. At the age of 21 she was nominated ”Newcomer of the year” at the Folk and world music awards in Sweden and since then her career has continued to grow. Her ability to balance a deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music with innovative artistic sensibilities has made her one of the most distinct artists, in-demand musical collaborators and teachers in the folk scene.

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Blanca Altable (1984) is one of the few fiddlers in the traditional scene in Castilla. She begins her studies of classic fiddle at 5 years of age, but soon she devotes herself to the fiddle, since hers is a family of traditional musicians.
With a particular and creative vision, she makes much of her repertoire from the dulzaina, her field work as a fiddler consisting in adapting scores for dulzaina to the fiddle. Particularly, music from the center and north of Castilla, since her grandfather, Simón Altable, was a dulzaina player, and started Blanca in the oral tradition from this region.
Out of this field work, she has co-founded two projects: Blanca Altable & Chuchi² y Cira Qu; And also participated in other folk projects like El Hombre Folkíbero & Cía.
Always in search and study, her advanced education as a fiddler grows with her participation in international fiddlecamps in California, New York and Scotland, getting closer to places and social environments where fiddle music happens in a vernacular and spontaneous way … Galicia, Basque Country, Quebec, Scotland, USA.
She has got opportunity of playing in scenarios and festivals all over Spain, showed her music in the USA, Africa and part of Europe, and participated in projects like VocalizÁfrica, Nélida Karr, Vallarna, Dario Bontempi, Salvador Amor, Pure Hemp, Sammy Jankis, Kasparov Vs Deep Blue, Roberta Medley, Sons d’ Cabiella…
She is an increasingly demanded teacher as well, committed with the personalized and creative education.



Natalie’s youth has not stopped her from recording several albums and collaborating with many important musicians. She comes from a classical music background, but she began to be interested in Celtic music when she first came to Alasdair’s Valley of the Moon camp at the age of 11. Alasdair Fraser encouraged her to explore the rhythmic and harmonic basis that cello once had in traditional Scottish music. Now she is a musical reference of incredible creativity and generosity.

She’s also a dedicated teacher, doing private tutoring, teaching at several of Fraser’s fiddle camps and at Berklee College. She performs regular with the Scottish fiddler and has recorder several CDs with him. Also collaborates regularly with other great musicians like Hanneke Cassel, Natalie Mcmaster, Patsy Reid, etc.

Marta Roma


Marta Roma is a splendid and versatile cellist and singer from Barcelona has an eclectic background in music and other arts. Marta has developed her unique approach through improvisation and singing in different genres and cultures. She has performed with great artists as Gary Burton, Alejandro Sanz, Dream Theater, Susana Baca, A.R Rahman and many others. Marta has toured all around the world and performed and offered workshops in Spain, México, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil, USA, Japan, Philipines and the Dominican Republic.

Marta has competed a stage in the Fedujazz Foundation of Music Education in Dominican Republic, where taught and oriented young students and created materials for her educational programme. She also collaborated with the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival in its 20th anniversary.

She is currently developing her music career in Boston, where she combines performance with teaching.

Adam Johansson

Adam Johannson

Adam Johansson is a guitar player from Northern Sweden. He grew up playing blues and jazz. He found folk music when he was 14 and fell in love with the social aspect of it. He has been exploring the genre ever since.

Educated at the Royal College of music in Stockholm. He works as an instrument teacher, arranger and conductor at the Ånge Music School when he is not touring with Sver and the Folk All-in Band (FAB).

Yvon Riou

Yvon Riou

Yvon Riou, guitar player from the coast of Tregor, started playing guitar on open tunning (DADGAD) influenced by other breton guitar players such as Soïg Sibéril and Gilles Le Bigot. He later developed his own personal style of accompainment, both sensitive and energetic, which gives him a distinct and characteristic sound. Yvon played with breton bands Skolvan, Pennoù Skoulm, Sons of the Desert, Gilles Servat, and accompanied on several occasions famous Irish musicians like Paul Bradley, Ger Fitzgerald, Joe McKenna, the fiddler Brid Harper or singer Brian Mc Comben.

On 1993 founded with Jean-Michel Veillon the first flute and guitar duo dedicated to Breton Music. Together, they’ve performed in some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Jean-Michel Veillon

Jean-Michel Veillon

Born in the coast of Brittany, Jean-Michel Veillon is one of the most acclaimed wooden flute players in Europe. He was greatly influenced by the Irish flute masters and was the first one to adapt it to the Breton folk music. His style is unique and distinct.

He has performed all over Europe and the United States with bands like Kornog, Pennoù Skoulm, Den, Barzaz, Alain Genty, Toud’Sames, Jacques Pellen & Celtic Procession, Flook (Ireland), Gilles Le Bigot & Empreintes, Zakir Hussain & Pulse of the World (a marriage of music from India, Scotland, Ireland and Brittany), amongst many others.


Xosé Liz (flute/guitar/bouzouki) is one of the most active musicians among Galician folk scene. Producer, composer and arranger, he masters plucked string instruments and flutes. He is instructor for these instruments at traditional music academy “e-Trad” in Vigo. He was founder musician of important galician bands in the 90’s such as Beladona, Entretrastes, Lizgairo and Riobó and, he collaborates with internationally known Galician artists such as Uxía, Rodrigo Romaní, Cristina Pato or Anxo Lorenzo.


She has come a long way in her musical education, through l’Aula de Jazz i Música Moderna del Conservari del Liceu, and still on her way with Anna Catalá and the Voice Craft technique. She has intensified more on singing, ear education and harmony, but also studied piano, dance, and guitar.
Her professional career includes various styles (argentinian and latin-american folk, Iberian folk, MPB, jazz, pop …), sharing the scene with excellent musicians, such as Elisabet Raspall, Albert Bover, Juan Quintero, Juan Pablo Chapital, Mario Rossy, Marcelo Mercadante, Aleix Tobias, Xavi Lozano, Juan Quintero y Luna Monti, Martín Laportilla, Julio Santillán, Paulinho Lêmos, Eliseo Parra… .
She also posseses a rich experience as a teacher in several schools, teaching voice and body percussion to children as well as adults, among other disciplines.


Galician folk dancer since 1981 in his hometown Moaña and Santiago de Compostela. He studied folk dances in several workshops and festivals all around Europe like the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, the Willie Clancy Summer School in Ireland, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in Scotland, Andanças in Portugal ad Danzas Sin Fronteras in Spain. Since then he teaches dances from Europe in different courses in Galicia and several cultura associations all over Spain. Since 1992 teaches in the Asociación de Danzas del Mundo MONTEIRA, in Vigo. In 2002 he attends the Universidade de A Coruña (INEF) to undergo a post-graduate degree in Artistic Expression and Dance. He coauthored a book with Javier Jurado and Pilar Sampil titled “De roda en roda. Músicas e danzas do mundo” Ed. Galaxia, 2013.


Alberto Ablanedo is one of the musicians from the “Folk Generation” in Asturias, following the steps of the musicians who took part in the first folk revival in the 80s.
He’s a self-taught Bouzouki player who begun his musical journey at the end of the 90s playing with several Asturian bands such as Tejedor, Acuei!, Bron, Llangres, Los Gatos del Fornu or Dubrám He also performed with well-known musicians such as Niall Vallely, Karan Casey, Duncan Chisholm, John McSherry, Kepa Junquera, Josep-Maria Ribelles, Xosé Manuel Budiño, David Munnelly and many more.

For many years, he’s been an active blogger in Folkenlared, where he wrote extensively about folk music in the Atlantic regions. Later, the blog changed formats into a podcast where he interviews other musicians about their upcoming projects. For over 10 years he’s been an active member of some of the most popular folk sessions in Asturias.