The lessons in Crisol are more than just that: they are aimed to enrich our musical experience and help us open our minds, make us be aware that music is really beating in our insides. It is a journey greatly enriched by all the places we go to. A go&return-journey coming back abundantly loaded with cultural mixing, old and new sounds intertwined and combined, regardless of the instrument we play.


In all cases, and this is important, the melodies will be taught by ear, and hence the class groups are sorted by picking-by-ear level (not playing level). There will be no level test, all musicians decide and are free to try different groups (you can also attend classes of other instrument) and stay where they consider the best for themselves. In Crisol there are no better or worse musicians: it is a musical village, where everyone’s voice counts, it is a safe space to be creative, share, and make lots of music altogether.

It is strongly suggested to bring a recording device, you will find it very useful.

But freedom will be even wider:the musician is free to attend a group of a different instrument; we believe this to be very self-enriching and also for the group as a whole.

There will be lessons on a main instrument, and also a secondary instrument; all of them on a daily basis connected through the week


Lessons on your Main Instrument:

They will happen in the mornings, with breaks. Your choices of main instrument: Violín (Fiddle), Cello, Guitar, Voice y Flute (irish wooden). The teachers will cycle through groups of their instrument (except for fiddle beginners, flute and voice)-

If the flute is your instrument, please note that lessons will be taught with an irish wooden flute, tuned in D. So yours should be chromatic or tuned in low D in order to take the most out of the lessons.


Lessons on your Secondary Instrument:

After lunch and time off / siesta, there will be one lesson of 1h15m on a second instrument of your choice: for the first time ever Mandolin, and, as usual, Voice, Dance, Chromatic Accordion, Fiddle, Cello, Guitar.

Caution! This lessons are aimed to beginners, so please choose an instrument which you have little or no experience with.

Please remember that each group of secondary instrument will happen only if there is enough demand. Bear this in mind when filling the registration form, avoid choosing randomly.

Further activities:

In the evenings from 6p.m. onwards, we will have miscellaneous workshops and activities related to music and dance, individual support if needed, … .You are free to attend.

Everyday you will have the chance to freely gather with others to share, and make music. This is one of the most important experiences in Crisol, and we feel such a happiness when we see it works.

Summing-up, all through Crisol’s week, we want all the participants to enjoy playing music, to learn, to be totally free and safe to express themselves and be creative through their instrument(s); forget about lack of self-confidence … most of all, enjoy and have a great time!.
No question it will be an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out!