The lessons in Crisol are more than just that: they are aimed to enrich our musical experience and help us open our minds, make us be aware that music is really beating in our insides. It is a journey greatly enriched by all the places we go to. A return journey from which we come back enlightened with cultural exchange, old melodies and new sounds intertwined and combined, regardless of the instrument that we play.


In all lessons, melodies will be taught by ear, and hence the class groups are sorted by picking-by-ear level (not playing level). There will be no level test, all musicians decide and are free to try different groups (you can also attend classes of other instruments) and stay where they consider the best for themselves. In Crisol there are no better or worse musicians: it is a musical village, where everyone’s voice counts; a safe space to be creative, share, and make lots of music altogether.

It is strongly suggested to bring a recording device in order to record the lessons. You will find it very useful once you go back home, so that you can keep working on the tunes.

Instrument Lessons

They will happen in the mornings, with breaks. Your choices of instrument are:

    • Violin for Beginners (Fiddle): these lessons are focused on attendants with few or no experience playing the instrument. This group will have a dedicated teacher with years of experience
    • Attendants with some experience: For each instrument there will be several teachers that will rotate between different levels. The available instruments are:
      • Violin (Fiddle)
      • Cello
      • Guitar
      • Flute. These classes will be taught on a wooden flute tuned in D. In order to make the best out of the lessons, we recommend you to have either a chromatic flute or one tuned in D (lower octave)

Further activities:

In the afternoons (after 16h) there will be different workshops, and other support activities related to music and dancing. the assistance to these activities is free of charge and non-mandatory.

Along the day, you’ll have many moments of free time that you can use to gather with other participants, share and make music together. This is considered to be one of the most important experiences in Crisol and we can guarantee it creates truly magical moments.

Summing-up, all through Crisol’s week, we want all the participants to enjoy playing music, learning, being totally free and safe to express themselves and being creative through their instrument(s); to forget about the lack of self-confidence and, most of all, to enjoy and have a great time!.
No doubt it will be an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out!