• The course fee includes the reservation fee, full board accommodation (with breakfast, lunch and dinner), the course (all the classes and workshops), and administration and organization costs. Additional drinks can be bought at the on-site social bar.
  • Crisol de Cuerda’s organization does not provide transportation to the course premises. Nevertheless, we will ease the way for the participants to get in contact for ride-sharing.
  • Accomodation will be in shared dorms.
  • All participants will be respectful of each other at all times.
  • Crisol de Cuerda’s organization reserves the right to admit to the course, or expel from it, anyone unrespectful of basic rules of behavior, and/or whose behavior may clearly be dangerous to others or harmful to the course.
  • Drug consumption is not allowed at all to anybody, nor is alcohol consumption permitted to underage persons, during the whole course. Failing to comply with this will be considered a cause for expulsion from the course, without any money refund.
  • Though Crisol de Cuerda is always thoroughly striving to ensure everybody’s safety in the camp, the organization will not be held responsible for any physical harm that participants may suffer inside or outside the course premises, nor for any losses, thefts or damages to any personal belonging, instruments included.
  • All persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied of any of their parents or legal tutor, who must pay for their accommodation and meals. If this is not possible, a signed authorization must be provided (e-mail “”, please) for the child to be able to participate in the course. An authorization model is available for download during the process of filling the registration form.
  • Crisol de Cuerda’s organization will provide specific caretakers for children, if there is enough demand (at least 3 children).
  • The spoken language in the classes or workshops will be English or Spanish, depending on the teacher. There will not be translators provided from the organization, but, traditionally, teachers and participants do their best to help everybody understand.
  • Please have a close look to the section “What’s Crisol? – The lessons”, to ensure you understand how the lessons will be taught, and how to choose a second instrument.
  • During the course, there will be photographs taken and audio/video recordings shot, that may be used in a yearbook and/or Crisol public diffusion for future years.

The payment of the course fee implies that the participant accept all terms and conditions mentioned above, as well as the Responsibility Disclaimer document.