How to register

  • Fill in our Online Form in “REGISTRATION and follow the given instructions. Please read carefully all the explanations and click SEND. The acceptance of the exemption of responsibility document is mandatory for all the attendees and the parents/legal tutor of all underage attendees.
  • Pricing: All the information related to prices can be found HERE
  • Do NOT make any payment before your spot at camp has been confirmed. We will send you an email confirming your registration and providing further instructions on how to proceed with the payment.
  • After our first confirmation email, you’ll have 2 weeks to pay the first 60€ (of the total registration amount), which will act as a down payment, and are non refundable.
  • If after 2 weeks we haven’t received the 60€ payment, your spot may be given to another candidate on the waiting list.
  • The outstanding amount must be payed before the 1st of MAY (if the participant wishes to cancel his registration after this date, 80% of the total amount will be lost and only 20% will be refunded).
  • If the participant wants to pay the whole payment upfront, he can do so. In this case, 60€ will be non refundable, the rest can be refunded before the 1st of MAY. After this date, 80% of the total amount will be lost and only 20% will be refunded.
  • Payment methods: all residents on the European Union should make their payment via bank transfer. These are our bank details:
    • IBAN:     ES42 2100 1532 7422 0003 0236
    • BRANCH ADDRESS: 1529-Burgos-Hacienda- calle Vitoria, 56 – Burgos – Spain
  • REALLY IMPORTANT: Please write down the full name of the attendee in the CONCEPT field of the transfer so that we can locate it easily and proceed with the registration.
  • If you live outside of the European Union, please get in touch with us at We’ll let you know your payment options. In some occasions it is possible to make a cash payment.
  • Parents or legal tutors of underage attendees (under 18yo) who come unaccompanied must fill in, sign and send us the assistance authorisation. This document can be downloaded during the registration process.
  • Afterwards, the Crisol Organisation Team will get in touch with you to confirm your registration and give you further information about the course. Please, contact us if you have any unexpected problems.
  • Should you have any doubts, you can contact us using our ONLINE FORM.

Total price for Fiddle, Cello, Guitar & Flute

Registration price 600 €
Register before the 15th of February 5% discount *
Underage (Under 18yo), university students, unemployed and retired 5% discount *
Booking down payment 60 € **

* Cumulative discounts.
** Paying the booking down payment guarantees a spot at camp. This amount(60 €) will be subtracted from the total amount of the registration price. If the applicant decides not to follow-up with the registration, the down payment will not be refunded.

Note: The total amount of the registration price includes the down payment, accommodation, meals and lessons.



The association Crisol de Cuerda Tradicional, non-profit organisation, and Granja Escuela Arlanzón are offering this year a self-managed scholarship program intended to help, as much as we can, all of those in a disadvantageous economical situation.

General Considerations

The scholarships are meant for people who lack the economic resources to pay the total amount of the camp fees. The scholarships are mainly intended for emancipated students, unemployed or workers with low family income. Nonetheless, other circumstances will also be evaluated as long as they provide detailed documentation to justify their low economical income. Some of the circumstances are (but not only) being members of a large family or the number of dependants per salary. In any of these cases, documentation must be provided to demonstrate the candidate’s economical situation.

Even if you’ve applied for a scholarship, it is mandatory to go through the registration process and make a down payment. Please, specify in the registration comments that you wish to apply for a scholarship. We’ll get in touch with you to guide you through the next steps. If you’re not selected for the scholarship program you can either choose to pay the camp fee in full or to get the down payment refunded.

The applicant’s data must always be true. Crisol de Cuerda is committed to the protection of all personal data and will make sure that any data provided for the scholarship program is only used for this end.

An important part of the screening process for the scholarships is the motivational letter. This should explain why you want to come to Crisol and transmit your enthusiasm to us. If the committee perceives laziness and a lack of implication when reading your motivational letter, might consider the possibility to leave the scholarships deserted.

The Association may consider the possibility to offer other kinds of assistance/collaborations if deemed appropriate.

The Scholarships

  • Consist in a 25% discount over the total amount of the camp fees.
  • This discount is non cumulative with any other discount of the course. The amount calculation will always be made over the total price of Crisol.
  • Attendees who have been granted a scholarship are expected to assist the organisers during the course of Crisol. They will be tasked with simple tasks meant to assist with the logistics of the event.


  • Photocopy of a photographic ID document (ie. Passport or ID card)
  • Documentation to prove the economical situation of the candidate: Taxes certificate, unemployment certificate, etc.
  • A document demonstrating the distance to camp: an invoice to the home address, plane tickets,…
  • Curriculum Vitae or a brief text demonstrating the musical career and/or your interest in the instrument. No distinction will be made between professionals and amateurs.
  • Motivational letter explaining why you want to take part in Crisol de Cuerda and why you need the scholarship.

How and where to apply

The candidate will apply for the scholarship sending an e-mail at, and attaching all the required documentation (detailed above).

When to apply

All applications and documentation must be received before the 31st of March.

Scholarship Ruling

The scholarship rulings will be communicated to the candidates on the 15th of April.

Terms and conditions of the camp

  • The course fee includes the reservation fee, full board accommodation (with breakfast, lunch and dinner), the course (all the classes and workshops), and administration and organisation costs. Additional drinks can be bought at the on-site social bar.
  • Crisol de Cuerda’s organisation does not provide transportation to the course premises. Nevertheless, we will ease the way for the participants to get in contact for ride-sharing.
  • Accomodation will be in shared dorms. If you need other forms of accommodation, sen us an email and we’ll try to accommodate your needs.
  • All participants will be respectful of each other at all times.
  • Crisol de Cuerda’s organisation reserves the right to admit to the course, or expel from it, anyone disrespectful of basic rules of behaviour, and/or whose behaviour may clearly be dangerous to others or harmful to the course.
  • Drug consumption is strictly prohibited to anybody, as is alcohol consumption to any underage person (under 18yo), during the whole course. Failing to comply with this will be considered a cause for expulsion from the course, without any money refund.
  • Though Crisol de Cuerda is always thoroughly striving to ensure everybody’s safety in the camp, the organisation will not be held responsible for any physical harm that participants may suffer inside or outside the course premises, nor for any loss, theft or damage of any personal belonging, including instruments.
  • Any person under the age of 14 must be accompanied by any of their parents or legal tutors, who must pay for their accommodation and meals. If this is not possible, a signed authorisation must be provided (e-mail “”) for the child to be able to participate in the course. An authorisation model is available for download during the registration form.
  • Crisol de Cuerda’s organisation will provide specific caretakers for children, if there is enough demand (at least 3 children).
  • The spoken language in the classes and workshops will be English and/or Spanish, depending on the teacher. Translators will not be provided by the organisation but, traditionally, teachers and participants do their best to help everybody understand.
  • Please have a close look to the section “What’s Crisol? – The lessons”, to ensure you understand how the lessons will be taught.
  • During the course, photographs and audio/video recordings will be taken. These materials will be used for media documentation and/or Crisol de Cuerda’s public diffusion for future years.

The down payment for the course implies that the participant accepts all the terms and conditions mentioned above, as well as the Responsibility Disclaimer document.