The Crisol Book was compiled in 2018 as a special edition meant to celebrate Crisol de Cuerda’s 10th anniversary. It a collection of the tunes that have been taught in Crisol over the years and has been gathered through audio recordings, videos, scores and manuscripts. Despite the fact that a few tunes are missing, it’s still a work in progress and we hope to add more tunes in the future.

The scores contained in this book have been transcribed as taught and recorded in Crisol de Cuerda. Although we are aware that discrepancies exist with the original tunes (or the tunes collected in other books) we wanted to preserve the variations that, for us, have become the standard way of playing the tune. Chords are provided for each melody as a guide so that anyone can play. They’re not meant to be exhaustive nor the only ones fitting for the melody. In fact, we’d like to encourage you to explore other alternatives and share them with us through our social media. This collection was created for divulgation purposes and the sale of the book or its contents is not authorised.

Following the Spirit of Crisol, we would like to share this collection hoping that you’ll have as much fun learning, playing and sharing it as we did in the past. Furthermore, we would like to extend an invitation for you to come to Crisol de Cuerda so that you can also share your music with us.

Finally, we could not finish this note without thanking once again Mr Alasdair Fraser and Ms Blanca Altable for their dedication and enthusiasm through the years. We would also like to thank all the teachers who shared their music and knowledge with us for the last 10 years. It is our hope that this book stands as a tribute to all the past experiences and all inspires the new ones yet to come.

Last update: 08/07/2018

Tune Index:

Title Author Origin
A Carrasqueira Traditional Galicia
Ai Hori Begi Ederra Traditional Basque Country
Altsasuko Soka Traditional Basque Country
Ama Euskadi Traditional Basque Country
Appropriate Dipstick, The Phil Cunningham Scotland
Artikutza Traditional Basque Country
As A Thòiseach Simon Fraser Scotland
Astotxo Bat Baneuko Traditional Basque Country
Baile De La Manzana Traditional Castile
Banks Of Avonmore, The Traditional Scotland
Beharrezkoa Traditional Basque Country
Big Country Béla Fleck United States
Blackberry Festival Footrace David Fisher Scotland
Blackwater Traditional Scotland
Blackwater Foot Traditional Scotland
Bloody Fields Of Flanders, The John MacLellan Scotland
Blue Hanneke Cassel United States
Bodas De Cantabrana, Las Traditional Castile
Bolat Dantza Traditional Basque Country
Bourrée De L’Hôpital Traditional Occitanie
Braes Of Mar John Coutis of Deeside Scotland
Buey, El Traditional Castile
Canto De Bembibre Traditional Galicia
Cayó La Luna Traditional Castile
Cigüeña, La Traditional Castile
Czardas Traditional Hungary
Danza De Arcos De Miño Traditional Galicia
Danza De Palitos Traditional Galicia
Danza De Salceda Traditional Galicia
Diana Traditional Castile
Domhnall Dubh Traditional Scotland
Dulzainero Cojo, El Traditional Castile
Eklunda Traditional Finland
Elzic’s Farewell Traditional United States
Espatadantza Traditional Basque Country
Espejo, Sol Y Luna Traditional Castile
Estrellita Manuel M. Ponce United States
Eternal Friendship Phil Cunningham Scotland
Ewe Wi’ The Crookit Horn, The Traditional Scotland
Fandango Traditional Andalucia
Fanfarie Traditional Balkans
Fiddle Lint Ball Galen Fraser United States
Foliada De Soutelo Traditional Galicia
Foxtrot De Algora Traditional Castile
Freedom Come All Ye John MacLellan Scotland
Galbide Traditional Basque Country
Hai Chiki Chiki Traditional Hungary
Hakbergs Schottis Carl Aron Hakberg Sweden
Haurtxo Polita Gabriel Olaizola Basque Country
Hegi Traditional Basque Country
Hörde Jag Tønder Anna Lindblad Sweden
Iluntzean Maixa eta Itziar Basque Country
Jack Daniel’s Reel John Morris Rankin Cape Breton
Jerusalem Ridge Kenny Baker United States
John Cheap, The Chapman Nathaniel Gow Scotland
Jota De Montrove Miguel L. Paradela Galicia
Joy Of Julie Galen Fraser United States
Keep It Up! Simon Fraser Scotland
Kelburn Brewer, The Alasdair Fraser Scotland
Kilts On Fire Howie MacDonald Cape Breton
Kiwi Reel, The Willie Hunter Scotland
Korostietako Traditional Basque Country
Kost Ar Choad Traditional Brittany
Långdans Från Sollerön Traditional Sweden
Lantzeko Zortzikoa Traditional Basque Country
Lass That Made The Bed For Me, The Traditional Scotland
Loriak Udan Intza Bezela Traditional Basque Country
Madalenara Traditional Basque Country
Maitia Nun Zira José Tomás Uruñuela Basque Country
Marcha De Santa Ana Traditional Castile
Mazurca De L’Impasse Gilles Chabenat France
Megan & Jarrod’s Waltz Natalie Haas United States
Metsän Puita Tuuli Tuudittaa Traditional Finland
Mozita, La Agapito Marazuela Castile
Mudanza De Chañe Traditional Castile
Muñeira De Fonsagrada Traditional Galicia
Muñeira Riveirana Traditional Galicia
Myra’s Jig Ian Lowthian Scotland
Napkin Tune, The Rodney Miller United States
Neska Zaharrak Traditional Basque Country
No Voy Solo, No Traditional Galicia
North Beat Ethan Lewis Scotland
O! Dem Golden Slippers Traditional United States
O’Pingacho Traditional Portugal
Off With You! Simon Fraser Scotland
On Anarem Gardar Traditional Occitanie
On The Wings Of A Skorrie Michael Ferrie Scotland
Ook Pik Waltz Frankie Rodgers United States
Pas Del Lop, Lo Traditional Occitanie
Pasacalles De Carpio De Tajo Traditional Castile
Pasodoble Morellano Traditional Galicia
Peerie Weerie, The Traditional Scotland
Pericón De Los Talaos Repertorio de Los Talaos Castile
Periquito, El Traditional Venezuela
Perrie Werrie Traditional Scotland
Pirrie Wirrie Traditional Scotland
Polonäs Från Sexdrega Traditional Sweden
Ramnee Ceilidh Gordon Duncan Scotland
Reel For Carl Jerry Holland Cape Breton
Ride The Wild Turkey Darol Anger United States
Rondador Desesperado Traditional Castile
Rumba De Malpica Traditional Galicia
Rumba Del Topo Traditional Castile
Scarce O’Tatties Norman Maclean Scotland
Seguidillas Manchegas Traditional Castile
Show Me Catriona MacDonald Scotland
Siete Por Ocho Traditional Castile
Sister Jean Traditional Scotland
Sleeping Tune, The Gordon Duncan Scotland
Stan Capman’s Jig Jerry Holland Cape Breton
Tarbolton Lodge Traditional Scotland
Theme For Scotland Alasdair Fraser Scotland
TIDGA Hanneke Cassel United States
Tony Bliar’s Reel Adam Sutherland Scotland
Tourment, Le Jean-Paul Loyer Quebec
Trenzinh Do Caipiro Traditional Brazil
Txikitxuterik Traditional Basque Country
Un Barquito De Vela Traditional Galicia
Unnamed Tune Traditional Scotland
Vida Mía, La Traditional Castile
Vou Veri-vou Traditional Mallorca
War Hent Kerrigouarch Soïc Siberil Brittany
Warlock, The Robert Lowe Scotland
Whitewater Alasdair Fraser Scotland
Willie’s Trip To Toronto Jerry Holland Cape Breton
Zortzikoa Traditional Basque Country