The general enrollment price will be 750€, including the reservation fee, accommodation, food, and classes for the entire week.

Registration process

Fill out the REGISTRATION form and follow the instructions presented, carefully read the explanations, and click SUBMIT. It is essential to accept the document of waiver of responsibility for all attendees and, in the case of minors, it must be accepted by their legal parent/guardian. Do not make any payment until you receive our first email confirming your enrollment.

  • From our first confirmation email, you have 1 week to pay the first 75€ (of the total enrollment fee) that will act as a downpayment fee. The remaining pending payment must be made before May 1st. It is also possible to pay the full course fee in a single payment. *If the participant has applied for the Crisol scholarship, they will have to wait for the resolution of the scholarship to pay the enrollment fee.
  • Participants who register after May 1st will have to pay the full enrollment fee within 1 week from the issuance of the confirmation email.
  • Once this process is completed, the Crisol de Cuerda organization will contact you to confirm that the enrollment has been carried out correctly and to give you additional information about the course.

* Cancellations: The reservation fee (75€) will not be refunded under any circumstances. If the reservation fee is not paid within the established deadlines, the organization will cancel the registration and the right to place will be lost. In case of cancellation by the participant after paying the full course fee (after May 1st), 80% of the total enrollment fee (600€) will be lost.

Payment methods

We currently only accept bank transfers for all residents in the European Union. If you come from outside the European Union, contact us at to know the payment options.

This is our bank information:

  • IBAN: ES42 2100 1532 7422 0003 0236
  • Office Address: 1529-1529-Burgos-Hacienda- calle Vitoria, 56 – Burgos – Spain

Important: Don’t forget to state the full name of the attendee in the CONCEPT of the transfer so that we can link it to the registration.


There is no age restriction to come to Crisol de Cuerda, i.e. underage students can register as long as they stick to the following conditions:

  • From 14 to 17 years: Their parents or legal tutors must sign and send back an authorisation. The attendees will agree to participate in all the activities and classes and not leave the camp installations unless accompanied by an authorised adult. The legal tutors will be accountable for any action performed by the underage attendee that goes against the regulation and values of the camp. You’ll be able to download a copy of the authorisation during the registration process. Furthermore, a copy of the tutor’s ID card and the Health Insurance card of the attendee must be sent to Crisol de Cuerda via email.
  • 14 and under: must be accompanied by their parents or legal tutor during the whole camp. The tutor must also be registered as an attendee. If the tutor can’t attend the course as a participant, their tuition rights can be transferred to another attendee through the underage authorisation document. If these conditions are not met, the registration of the underage student will be cancelled and their tuition fees will be refunded in full. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Consumption of any drugs is strictly forbidden to all the participants. Alcohol consumption is also forbidden for all the underage participants. Failing to comply with this rules will imply the immediate expulsion of the participant, forfeiting any rights to refunds.

Scholarship program

The organisation of Crisol de Cuerda, non-lucrative association, offers a self-managed scholarship program to help, within reasonable capacity, any attendant struggling due to economic reasons.

The scholarship consists of a 25% discount of the total registration fee. They are intended for those participants who require economic assistance to attend camp, specially students, people under unemployment situation or minimum wage workers. Any other case of economic struggle will also be taken under consideration. In any situation, the appropriate documentation will be requested to demonstrate the economical situation of the attendee.

Accepting the scholarship also requires extra implication of the attendee, who will be asked to perform some chores to contribute to the organisation of the camp. At the beginning of the week, some tasks will be assigned to the attendees, usually implying helping to set up the dinning room, cleaning common areas, etc.

Required documents

  • Copy of the ID card or Passport
  • Documents proving the economic situation of the attendee: unemployment certificate, tax declaration, etc. Each case will be handled personally and confidentially.
  • Document demonstrating the travel distance to Crisol de Cuerda: any invoice matching your home address, town hall registration, etc.
  • Curriculum Vitae or portfolio demonstrating the musical career of the attendee or interest in the instrument. There won’t be any special treatment for professional musicians. Amateur musicians will have the same opportunities.
  • Motivation letter detailing why you are requesting the scholarship and why you want to come to Crisol de Cuerda. Please, don’t underestimate the value of the motivation letter. Try to convey your excitement to live the Crisol experience.

Request the scholarship

The applicant will request the scholarship via email at, attaching the requested documents. The applicant must register and make the downpayment of 75€ like the rest of the attendees.

The time limit to send the necessary documents is April 10th. After this date, we will send an email to all the solicitors with the outcome of their application.

Terms and conditions

  • The full payment of the registration fee includes the downpayment, accommodation at camp, all the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), all the classes, workshops and administration fees. Optional activities may happen during the week, which the attendee will have to pay separately.
  • Crisol de Cuerda will not provide transportation to the camp. Despite this, we will facilitate for participants to get in touch with other attendees in order to organise for shared transportation.
  • Accommodation happens in shared rooms. If you have special needs when it comes to accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Participants must respect each other at all times.
  • The committee of Crisol de Cuerda has the right to expell any participant who’s behaviour does not respect the other participants, does not comply with the conditions of the course or endangers the camp or other participants.
  • Crisol de Cuerda will not be held accountable for any physical damage suffered by the attendees (either inside or outside of the installations) during the activity. Crisol de Cuerda will not be held accountable for any loss, theft or damage suffered by personal property of the attendees, including the instruments. Despite this, the committee of Crisol de Cuerda will stay vigilant at all times and will try to make the camp secure for all the attendees to the best of their capacity.
  • Classes and workshops will be taught in English and/or Spanish depending on the teacher. Crisol de Cuerda doesn’t have a translation service, but usually the participants and teachers do their best to make sure that all the attendees can follow the program without problems.
  • There will be an appointed photographer in charge of taking pictures and recording videos during the week. Crisol de Cuerda can use these materials to promote future editions of the event. The registration to Crisol de Cuerda implies that you agree to these materials being used on social media or any other platform to promote the future editions of the event.

Registering to Crisol de Cuerda implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.